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Can we take a moment to celebrate our fantastic beginners who have been consistently stepping out of their comfort zone at our adult dance classes in 2019! We’re so proud of you! One particular beginner we’re celebrating is May’s Dancer of the Month, Surya Selvakumar!

As a total beginner he’s been cutting up the Hip Hop dance-floor ever since. After wanting to find a new hobby he explained that despite having to contend with the nerves of trying to do something he’s never done before and being in a new environment with new faces, he describes the ‘Élan Experience’ as having “a welcoming vibe to all newcomers”.

“There was such great energy in the class and an importance placed to just having fun and enjoying yourself rather than feeling self-conscious about not being able to do a move correctly.

I generally feel less self-conscious and focus on getting better rather than worrying about what other people might think.”

Surya encourages new dancers to come and give it a try. “Rita maintains a very welcoming environment where everyone’s just there to learn, have fun, and make friends, and it’s the best kind of vibe you want when trying something new.”

So what are you waiting for Perth!? Come and try Australia’s most inclusive and grooviest hip hop dance class for adults. With 6 beginner adult dance classes each week, there’s something to suit everyone.

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May’s Dancer of the Month, Surya Selvakumar!

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