Elan Dance Est.

Teen Dance Classes

Classes for Teenagers Aged 14 – 17 Years

Our teen dance classes in Perth use fun based musical elements to assist young aspiring dancers with their fine motor skills, coordination, memory retention and confidence building.

Our classes are run in a supportive environment with professional staff. The goal is to facilitate kinaesthetic learning and growth while providing the foundations necessary for dance progression throughout your child’s development. Get your teenager started NOW with a 10 class pass via our online shop. 

Just sign them up, drop them off, and we take care of the rest. 

✓   Socially connected and well rounded child/ren.
✓   More confident and culturally aware superstar/s.
✓   Skills taught and developed within a supportive and nurturing environment.
✓   Developed communication (both verbally and non verbal) skills.
✓   Engaged, fit team players with new found drive for other areas in life like, school
✓  Trained by world class qualified Teachers.


It’s never too early to get young bodies moving!


🔥 HIP HOP, AFROJAM and CONTEMPORARY CLASSES currently running! 🔥

Let’s be honest, you love it, and we’re the best at it, so let’s get to it.

We have specifically designed our Perth hip hop dance classes for shy looking, anxious feeling teens with untapped potential.

Not only will dancers be nurtured into confident, culturally competent, and connected people, they get the opportunity to walk away with life long dance and social skills.

Contemporary at Èlan Dance Est. is graceful and grounded whilst channeling your most vulnerable self through music and movement.

The fusion of jazz, ballet, and raw emotion is used to explore the dynamics and flow of your natural body and mind. In turn connecting you to an inner strength and peace you once doubted.

Afrojam at Èlan Dance Est. is the cultural dance experience you have been waiting for all your life. Think banging afrobeats with matching afrosteps serenaded in a room full of fun, freedom, and energy you won’t find anywhere else.

You have most likely seen the style in Beyonce’s new Black is King visual album. Now imagine that,  but with the music and movement broken down enough to have you dancing like a true Afro King or Queen.

Footwear – Runners or sneakers.

Clothing – Non-restrictive street wear such as track pants, long shorts, Elan T-Shirt.

Elan Dance est Shop
The Elan Dance est online shop sells a range of dance wear featuring our logo including singlets, t-shirts, hoodies and accessories. Browse online here and be apart of the family.

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