Elan Dance Est.


Step away from the pole. This class is designed for the closet Sasha Fierce who wants to strut it like it’s nobody’s business. We provide the feels, fierce and fun and all you need is to get your heels on and OWN IT. Own your moves, own your sexy, own your power and girlfriend you will most certainly own the dance floor.

Taught by the epitome of grown and sexy, our gorgeous teacher will have you filled with so much confidence that you won’t know what to do with it! Get a group of your best girlfriends together and come join us vibe and drop it low to some sexy tunes.


Runners or sneakers / heels

Non-restrictive streetwear such as track pants, long shorts, t-shirt or singlet top.

Elan Dance est Shop
The Elan Dance est online shop sells a range of dancewear featuring our logo including singlets, t-shirts, hoodies and accessories. Contact us for more info or enquire in class.

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