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“I needed to do something healthy but fun at the same time but more importantly to find myself again (the fun me 😉)”

We may have lost French ballet dance sensation Mrs Zizi Jeanmaire in July 2020 but we gained us this month’s DANCER OF THE MONTH. Ladies and gents and everything in between, it’s an absolute pleasure to introduce to you hip hop groovin’ 25 year old Perth superstar in the making, Miss Samirah aka Sam. This full time Engineer by day, and now aspiring lady of all things dance had a few words to share.

What inspired you to join Elan Dance last year?

I remember mentioning it to my Doctor and he was the one who encouraged me to finally take the plunge and try it.

Do you mind me asking why you were seeing a Doctor in the first place?

I was at the lowest time of my life and needed something that would boost my confidence and help with my mental health. So the goal was to sink my teeth into something that was fun, carefree, recreational, relieved my stress, and helped release some endorphins.

Tell us about your very first class?

I remember initially stalking the classes on instragram. I would watch all the class videos they would post. The vibe looked so exciting and contagious. So I finally went to class in Perth city. It was very nerve-racking. I remember thinking, sht! What am I doing here? What if they all laugh at me?

In my mind I knew I could do the routines but was scared that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the speed of the moves. But surprisingly everyone was so supportive and encouraging, which made me feel right at home. Lets just say, I found the escape and community I was looking for at Elan.

What would you say is one of your biggest highlights at Elan?

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would ever be a part of a professional theatre production. At Perth’s State Theatre of all places. Dancing alongside the most talented dancers at Èlan.

What would you say to people still too scared to try it?

You will never know what’s going on at the other end of the tunnel unless you give it a go. I started off with just one class a week then two, and before I knew it I was there almost every day. The environment is perfect for beginner dancers in Perth so give it a go and find a dance class near you.

Congratulations Sam, thank you for being such an inspiration to so many people. All the best with your move to Albany. May you shine even brighter in this next chapter.

There you have it Perth!? If you resonate with Sam’s story give us a call so we can get you started on the journey of your best life.

Yes, we offer Australia’s most inclusive and grooviest hip hop dance class for adults, teens, tweens and toddlers but above all, we make your mental and physical well being our number one business.

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