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You know how all Mums say they don’t have a favorite? Well neither do we. But if we did. Dancehall would be it. Elaniens have been twerking long before Miley even knew it was a thing (WHY MILEY, WHHHYYYY). That’s right. There is way more to Dancehall than shaking your BOOTAY, learn the steps, learn the culture. Ketch di dance! Trust us when we say, this is the only dancehall class in Perth you need in your life.

If you’re keen on a challenge, and want to learn the secret to shaking it and dropping it like it’s hot, then come and visit us at 18 Murchison Terrace Perth.

**Beginner Friendly


Runners or sneakers.

Non-restrictive streetwear such as track pants, long shorts, t-shirt or singlet top.

Elan Dance est Shop
The Elan Dance est online shop sells a range of dancewear featuring our logo including singlets, t-shirts, hoodies and accessories. Contact us for more info or enquire in class.

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