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Real Dance 4 Real People.

The Grooves class is a fun based, stress free adult dance class which covers all aspects of urban dance fundamentals. From hip hop dance to dancehall, if you want to learn how to dance and you’re based in Perth, we can teach you. This class is about banging beats and basic feet.


Perfect for adult male and females who..

✓ Have never stepped in a dance class

✓ Enjoy dancing when no one is watching

✓ Don’t quite know where and how to start

✓ Have absolutely no experience and would like to learn the basics

✓ Looking to expand your hobbies

✓ Looking for a social group to be a part of

✓ Would like a fun alternative to the gym

✓ Struggling with mental health and could do with some endorphins and good vibes.



Runners or sneakers.

Non-restrictive streetwear such as track pants, long shorts, t-shirt or singlet top.

Elan Dance est Shop
The Elan Dance est online shop sells a range of dancewear featuring our logo including singlets, t-shirts, hoodies and accessories. Contact us for more info or enquire in class.

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