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You are about to be a part the most bootylicious dance family in Perth. While others talk the talk we, well dance the dance. With collectively over 30 years of experience, we are the only Perth dance company that offers armour dance classes for people of all skills, all styles, all shades, with all stories.Our teachers have been hand picked and are known to be able to transform a “wall flower” into someone so confident that they turn heads as they take over the center of the dance floor.

Élan is beyond just dance. It’s a culture. Our tribe accepts and celebrates each other’s flaws. Together we wear our flaws as armor to fight against the status quo. At Élan, everyone is welcome. And everyone can dance. Promise.

Let’s get you dancing today within a stress-free, fun orientated and welcoming environment.

Dance Styles

We offer dance classes for all ages in a style that’s sure to suit.



We don’t just twerk, we dance.  Most people will never know the difference, but you will *wink face emoji*.

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Heels On

Heels On

Now picture this. Hip hop dance, YOU, us and a pair of heels!

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Hip Hop

Hip Hop

What is this hip hop dance business anyway? No, Yonce didn’t make it up but we can educate you and make you love it as much as we do in one of our dance classes.….

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What’s that?  You’ve never stepped into a dance class?  YES!  You are ready to learn, and we are ready to teach you! Book your trial class TODAY via our online shop.

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