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Are you in search of the best dance studio in Perth for your child? With the variety of options available, picking the right one can feel overwhelming. In this guide, we’ll outline the key factors you should consider to ensure you’re making the best choice for your child’s dance education.

1. Qualified and Friendly Instructors

The heart of any great dance studio is its instructors. Seek out a dance studio in Perth that boasts experienced, qualified, and certified instructors. Their teaching styles should be child-friendly and geared towards instilling a love for dance in their students. At our dance studio, we provide professional Hip Hop Dance Classes for Beginners in Perth and much more, guided by our well-trained and dedicated instructors.

2. Emphasis on Safety

Safety should always be a priority when choosing a dance class. Top-rated dance studios in Perth, like ours, have sprung or cushioned floors that absorb shock and protect young dancers from potential injuries. We pride ourselves on our clean and well-maintained studio for all our dancers.

3. Small Class Sizes

A quality dance studio will limit class sizes to ensure each student receives ample attention from the instructor. Our fun and friendly kids dance classes in Perth keep class sizes small to give every student the individual attention they need.

4. A Wide Range of Classes

From hip hop to afrojam and even contemporary dance, our studio offers a diverse range of dance styles. If your child is interested in particular street styles, they will enjoy any of our street hip hop dance classes in Perth, or if they prefer African rhythms, they can join our Afrojam dance lessons in Perth.

5. Positive Environment

A dance studio should be a place where your child feels welcomed and supported. We are proud of our reputation as an inclusive dance studio for all ages, where every student feels part of our dance family.

6. Age-Appropriate Classes

Every child’s class should align with their age and skill level. At our dance studio, we offer everything from beginner jazz classes to more challenging dance classes all whilst keeping your child’s love for music and movement our number one priority.

7. Performance Opportunities

Performances give students a goal to work towards and provide a platform for them to showcase their skills. Our dance studio offers numerous performance opportunities around Perth’s event and festival scene. From fun low key youth performances to our epic end of year showcase.

8. Good Reputation

Word-of-mouth and online reviews can speak volumes about a dance studio. As one of the best dance studios in Perth for kids,  we are proud of our strong reputation and positive reviews from parents and students alike. Now, we don’t always get it 100% but the constructive feedback we get from our dance family, helps us get pretty close.

9. Clear Progression Pathways

As your child grows and develops their dance skills, they should have the opportunity to progress to more advanced classes. We offer classes for all levels, from beginner recreational dance classes to more performance focused dance classes and workshops.

10. Convenient Location 

Èlan Dance is one of the very few Perth dance studios located in the heart of Perth City. We are conveniently located with ample parking. 

11. Student-Centered Learning

While competitions can be fun, the main focus should be on learning, improving, and enjoying dance. That’s why our NO CLIQUES, NO COMPS, JUST DANCE philosophy leads all aspects of our dance studio.

Choosing the right dance studio for your child involves careful consideration. But, with this guide, we hope to make your decision easier. If you’re looking for dance classes for kids in Perth or for adult dance classes in Perth,  we have options for all ages and experience levels. So why wait? Let your child or maybe even yourself explore the passion for dance with us today!