Elan Dance Est.

We hope ya’ll are well rested from all the public holidays this month and are ready to smash May cause Davina Staneva has rocked our socks right off 💥… So much that we’re awarding her with the April Dancer of the Month title! Davina’s dance history started a little non-traditional as she took up hip-hop first when she was nine, before moving on to ballet, contemporary and jazz. She then found her groove again when she started taking Urban classes here at Elan. She loves the variety of styles on offer, especially as she was previously never exposed to Dancehall or Afro. Now she realises just how fun they are! Davina enjoys the welcoming, easy-going and passionate souls she meets. She always walks away from our Wednesday & Saturday classes in a happy mood and says that if you’re just around us for the fun and good vibes, it’s the perfect place to be 💛. We’ve been privileged to take Davina under our wing and develop her as a dancer as she’s still a teenager! Yet for such a young age, she dances like a grown woman. We are so proud to see your growth over the past month and love having your energy explode into our family. Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉