Elan Dance Est.

We get it. Your feeds and brains are full.

For some, you’re probably still struggling with the language and action to take to try make it all a little quieter, and a little nicer to swallow.

But the reality is, the loudness of it all has boldly brought issues to the forefront which we have been neglecting to tackle and punch in the face for too long.

So what is this pink elephant in the room? Why is the minority in such an uproar? 

This thing most of us are so afraid to speak of  is commonly referred to as social injustice but in this particular time, let’s be specific and call it out for what it really is, RACIAL INJUSTICE aka (not KKK), racism. 

The reality is racism is nothing new. It’s just trending. 

Black people being incriminated in a negative manner is nothing new. They’ve just become bolder, and louder about it.

Turning a blind eye on the issue because it’s uncomfortable to discuss is nothing new. It just gets you more clicks and followers now.

What should be new is the sincere acknowledgement and in depth education on racial injustices. Not only internationally but in our own backyard. 

So why are we using our platform to shine light on the matter? Well, we’ve never shied away from shaking up the status quo so we weren’t about to start now.

We are a community who benefit and profit from many cultures but predominantly BLACK CULTURE. Black music, visuals, productions, language, history, clothing, people, food, trends, creativity, events, talent, DANCE and more.

 We have teachers, staff, students, supporters and families of all shades who are the backbone and foundation of our existence. Africans, Americans, Indigenous Australians. A united nation you could say, of individuals who continue to battle with injustices in their daily lives. 

These are also the same people who STAND UP & PULL UP every time minority groups need solidarity and strength to open up conversations on topics such as mental health, women’s rights, homelessness, same sex marriages and more. This is why, applauding, supporting and shouting from the rooftops, BLACK LIVES MATTER should not be any different.

We took a purposeful pause on dance content this week and instead raised our voice to call out what is hiding in plain sight. 

Our vision is a community enriched with a strong sense of social and emotional connection. Our mission to achieve this connection is to therefore offer a home for the underdogs, individuals who just like us want to challenge the status quo. The vehicle to deliver this service is through numerous educational resources such as fun, distinctive, and inclusive dance classes, seminars, and community events.

With that in mind, it wouldn’t be ethical to sit back and watch our extended family members continue to endure the pain and trauma they go through everyday, alone.

We are YOU. We STAND by you. We will FIGHT with you. Because, BLACK LIVES MATTER!

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