Elan Dance Est.

2017, WHADDUP! We’re kicking off the year with a bang as we award this beauty, Gemma Gale, as our January dancer of the month! Entering the dance world young, Gemma took up classical ballet until her early teens and then flipped the switch, moving onto hip-hop. Over her high school years, she stopped dancing which saddens her a little bit as dancing made her happiest. But don’t worry, because a few years ago she stumbled upon dancehall, fell in love with it & this was her motivation to dance again! Whilst being away in Europe for the past few years, she was only able to take classes here & there until she came back to Aus and we came along 😏. She loves everything about Elan – the teachers, students, the culture and inclusivity. Also the immense respect the teachers have for their styles, especially dancehall. It’s not only about learning the steps, it’s about learning the culture and history of a style too. Gemma says that you won’t find a more friendlier place than Elan. We’re the most welcoming place to try something new or build on previous dance foundations. We’re 10/10! Gemma has been one of our most teachable students… One who is eager to learn and open to trying new things. We’ve seen her grow as a dancer & smash every style she does! We couldn’t be prouder to welcome this gal into our fam. Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉