Elan Dance Est.

Sooo the ladies have been slaying this recognition of late but NOT THIS TIME cause we’d like to introduce this badman, Alex Fenna, as the May Dancer of the Month!! Alex has been dancing for five years, training in Hip-Hop, and discovered Dancehall only in December of last year. He loves our Dancehall class because although the choreography is taken seriously, everything about the class is so chill and he enjoys being surrounded by amazing people. He says that Elan is a great place for any dancer… Beginners, professionals… Anyone! It also doesn’t matter what style you’ve stepped into this environment with, you’re always welcome at Elan 🤗. Alex has been with us for such a short time but we have already seen so much growth and passion in him for the dancehall culture. The class does tend to be female-dominated but you’ll see Alex there every Wednesday, smashing the chore like nobody’s business. We’re so proud of you. Congratulations!!! 🎉🎉🎉