Elan Dance Est.

Dancer of the month - February 2019We’re in March already!? The start to 2019 at Élan has been no less than inspirational as we wrapped our summer holiday dance program, kicked off festivities at our Block Party, began a new term with new Perth dance classes, and met new Elaniens. One Elanien in particular stood out to the team so please help us to congratulate March’s “Dancer of the Month” – Shannaz Khanma a.k.a. “Shaz”. Shaz started dancing about a year ago after her desire from childhood could not contain itself any longer. After a challenging season in life, she took the leap and found herself immersed in the happiness and joy which comes from dance. Fast forward to today, Shaz became an Élanien after a friendly recommendation about the vibe at Élan and its convenient Perth central location. “Whoa!”, she said after her first experience, “I’ve never listened to music this way before. The way Rita explains beats and teaches techniques has opened my mind more to dance”. “Every class has inspired me to learn more. I’m motivated to push myself because of the way Élan is run”. Even as a beginner, Shaz tells us how Élan is “so supporting and encouraging even when I am not getting it at first. I can ask as many questions as I like and the teacher will remain patient. For people who want to give it a go Shaz says “come for one class and try it out, don’t think about it, you’re here to have a good time. Rita always says ‘Get out of your head!’. I once had a challenging task at work which I was freaking out about but, I went to dance that night and even though I could not do the steps at first, with Rita’s motivation and time I could actually do it! I went into work the next day with that inspiration and it all went fine. Élan has helped with my confidence at work and with other people. It brings out energy within me and I’m able to express myself with sass”. “My highlight since being at Élan is experiencing happiness after each class. When I return back to the office on Wednesday and Thursday mornings my colleagues know I’ve been to class the night before because I’m super happy and energetic”. In the future Shaz sees herself grooving with the passion of her favourite dancer Channing Tatum and believes Élan can take her there. Congratulations Shaz!