Elan Dance Est.

“for me it’s about feeling so much better at the end of a class than I do at the beginning. The music, the movement. Regardless of what ever is going on dancing at Elan always makes the day better.”

This month we are celebrating LIANA!

After spending time volunteering in Tanzania, Liana says “Everyone dances, all the time. Young, old and in between. I loved that so much when I was there.” When she returned, she says the feeling of ‘needing to dance and move wouldn’t leave her. “I googled a few studio’s but Elan felt right, Rita responded to my email and was so warm and lovely, and here I am.”

When asked what her first experience was like at Elan, Liana said “I’m much much older that the typical Elan dancer. I was super self conscious Rita  was  so friendly and welcoming. Although I was not great I had such fun. I wanted to do something ‘out of my comfort zone’ that wouldn’t normally be available to women ‘of my age’. I wanted to do something that challenged me physically and emotionally. As it urns out that is Hip Hop and Dance Essentials!”.

I was so self conscious of my age and ability but Rita would say ‘get out of your own head’ to the class and I would. I know dancing helps keep your body and mind (all that counting and remembering steps) super engaged so its great for older people to do this type of exercise.

What would Liana say to people who are scared to give Elan a go? “Lean in. Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Well Liana, we think you’re not only great, you’re KILLER and we love seeing you in class!

So what are you waiting for Perth!? Come and try Australia’s most inclusive and grooviest hip hop dance class for adults, toddlers, tweens and teens. There’s something to suit everyone.


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