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This month we would like to congratulate Kadi Nodder, who truly puts her heart and soul into every class she participates in, and that is A LOT of soul considering she does Afrojam, Heels, Hip Hop and Twerk!

Kadi’s interest was piqued when she saw The Heels On segment on Today Tonight a few months ago. Inspired by what she saw she joined our classes and three months later is an absolute passionate #Èlanien, who contributes to the indescribable energy that is felt within the studio.


 Martha Graham once said …   “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”

This month we would like to congratulate Kadi Nodder!.

She has always loved dance but never found the opportunity to get back into it since graduating high school.

“Yes, it is exercise but it’s fun, it’s not a hobby but a lifestyle”. “The people, the energy, the teachers encourage me to freely be myself and that’s why it’s so easy to keep on going to classes, I guess that’s why I stick with it.”

One of Kadi’s most vivid memories is when, only five weeks into being at Èlan she danced alongside her teacher Rita. A moment captured on video that was evidence of how well she danced and amazing she felt!

When asked if her level of confidence had increased or filtered into other aspects of her life. Kadi simply stated that she has always been a confident person but now she has confidence in building up others around her. Something that always happens in our dance studio! She mentioned that this is only possible because she has so much faith and confidence in Èlan.

“It’s a space where there is no judgement and everyone is welcoming, take the leap!” is the advice Kadi would give to anyone who may be hesitant to give dance a try.


So what are you waiting for Perth!? Come and try Australia’s most inclusive and grooviest hip hop dance class for adults, toddlers, tweens and teens. There’s something to suit everyone.

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