ONLINE Dance Classes

If you’re not a fan of the gym and packed group fitness classes then you will be happy to know, we have designed this class especially for you. With your health and fitness in mind, don’t be surprised when your thighs start to get a little tighter and your tummy a little flatter all to the latest afrobeat tunes.
Class Time Level
Dance Cardio 5:15 pm Fitness
Dancehall 6:00 pm Beginner
Twerk 7:00 pm Beginner
Class Time Level
Contemporary 6:00 pm Beginner
Heels on 7:00 pm Beginner
Urban 6:00 pm Intermediate
Heels on 7:00 pm Intermediate
Hip Hop 6:00 pm Beginner
Afrojam 7:00 pm Beginner
Beastie Bubs 9am (8/10) 9:00 am 3-5yr olds
Beastie Bubs 930am (8/10) 9:30 am 3-5yr olds
Lil Leagues Hip Hop T1 (6/8) 10:00 am 6-9yr olds
BB Contemporary (8/10) 11:00 am 10-13yr olds
BB Hip Hop (8/10) 12:00 pm 10-13yr olds
BB Afrojam (8/10) 1:00 pm 10-13yr olds
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